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CUP has been involved in a number of Projects using Football as a tool to encourage community involvement and the development of a community led initiative, meeting a need identified by the community. CUP is therefore “not just football” it is about personal development of young people and relationships within a community. CUP provides FA qualified coaches who work alongside volunteers to ensure consistency and quality of all coaching sessions to all young people. CUP is involved in a number of football projects, below are just a few:

Asians Into Football

CUP delivers sessions within a number of primary and secondary schools engaging over 500 young Asians in order to address the problems they face in accessing mainstream football opportunities by providing football activities within their community. Community sessions are also delivered on a weekend within each targeted area in order to involve young Asians in structured football.

Girls Football Projects

CUP are giving girls a chance to put their best foot forward at a series of girls only football sessions in many schools, in the form of both lunchtime and after school clubs. Once the series of sessions have taken place, the girls are invited to attend a football tournament and encouraged to join continue their activities by joining a group or club within a community setting.

Kick It Out

Working in partnership with ‘Lets Kick Racism Out’ week, CUP brought together young people from various different backgrounds and communities to not only play football, but also talk about issues in football and attend workshops relating to racism. This encouraged interaction between young people from various communities to build teamwork and play together in a tournament.

Multi Sports

Multi sports play an important role in CUPS activity programme, which are focussed around the demands and needs of young people in their particular community. This can involve a diverse range of sports including athletics, boxing, basketball, hockey, rounders, cricket, touch rugby, racket games, active fun and games and much more. We listen to what the young people would like to do and they help us plan and develop our activity sessions. If the facilities and the demand is there we can find a way to provide it.

Holiday Activities

CUP run a comprehensive holiday activities programme which encompasses football, multi sports, dance, girls only, djing, arts and crafts sessions as well as runs one off events such as a wildlife days, circus skills workshops and trip out for the day. Here are some examples of some of the recent outings that CUP has attend : a trip to the national football museum, a visit to Old Trafford, as well as trips to theatres, bowling, lazer quest, do karting and paintball to name a few.

CUP runs projects and events to tackle issues and build community cohesion.

G I R L S  O N L Y  P R O G R A M M E

The girls only project provides opportunities for young people to participate in sport, physical activity & health related exercise. The project aims to increase the number of girls and young women participating in forms of exercise by providing a safe environment and encouraging positive responses. Non-competitive forms of exercise can be used to improve their physiological and psychological well being and so improve their body image.



CUP has established a girl’s only weekly Healthy Lifestyle and multi-sports session at Young Batley Centre. The session has been set up to give girls aged over the age of 13 the opportunity to take part in informal sports and promote healthy lifestyles session alongside their regular youth club sessions. The girls also decide what activities they would like to do each week and have taken the opportunity to help the coaches to deliver some sessions.

In February half term the girls were rewarded for their attendance by visiting Bradford Ice Skating for a disco skating session.

Girls Only Door Step Club

CUP has delivered a Street Games “Door Step Club” in partnership with Batley Girls School which targeted girls in all year groups of school. This has been a positive partnership exercise as we have been able to engage a large number of predominantly Asian Girls who would not otherwise engage in community sport activities. We have delivered this as part of the school’s enrichment programme with the planned progression being to set up a regular out of school community sports session.

C R E A T I V E  A R T S

CUP has a history of using the creative arts such as music and Drama to engage young people in positive activities below are a few examples of current and past projects:

CUP is working in partnership with Lawrence Batley Theatre (LBT) to deliver a series of drama sessions with young people living in Birstall.  The young people have been highly enthusiastic, have become more confident, and have demonstrated growing skills in communication and teamwork. The children have had the opportunity to attend two live shows at LBT as well as developing their own pieces of drama work.

We are currently working with HOOT creative arts project  to develop a project to deliver a series of music sessions for young people aged 12 – 19 years at various sites within Kirklees. The project has given young people the opportunity to try new instruments, write and perform their own music and use technology to record what they have created. The young people have been a mix of new people to music and more experienced musicians. The project has made a noticeable impact on the self-esteem and confidence of a number of young people taking part.


CUP provides training and education programmes for young people and adult volunteers in order to harness their own interest and develop skills with opportunities to gain qualifications and work experience. Below are some examples of training programmes we have delivered:

Ex Huddersfield Town star Andy Booth presented 8 people with certificates after successfully completing a sports leadership course run by Communities United Project (CUP). The level 2 Community Sports leadership award is a program of leadership training for people that promotes them working with younger children, teaching leadership skills through a range of games and activities. The programme was funded by the Crosland Moor and Netherton Community First Foundation panel.

Lesley Steel CUP Project Director said "By giving local people the opportunity to take part in awards such as this will not only build their confidence and self esteem but give them their first foot on the ladder to a career in sport and recreation."

Stephen Knight, Chair of Netherton TRA, went on to say that “Our partnership with Communities United Project has been a great success. They have, with the funding from the Community First Foundation, been able to provide a structured programme suited to participants’s age and ability. The aim of the course is to encourage our potential leaders within the community to build on their confidence and leadership skills and use them within their own local community groups. Hopefully gaining this qualification will enable these people to pursue a job or career in sports leadership”.

CUP has delivered the Sports Leaders UK – Playmakers Award to the 26 children in Year 5 at Fieldhead Academy. The Playmakers award provides pupils the opportunity to develop skills in organisation, communication, teamwork and responsibility through specially created challenges and physical activity.
The children initially delivered activities within their peer group before getting the opportunity to plan and deliver sports session to the Year 3 class. All the children achieved the required standard and next year will be able to use their new skills to deliver their own sessions to other year groups in the school.

Rhythm And Rhyme

A programme of R&R dance gives young people an insight into what it means to be a dancer whether it’s teaching or just experiencing different styles of dance.

Through the R&R Dance project they will cover a variety of areas including:

THE HISTORY OF DANCE - find out where particular dance styles originated from and how they became popular.
DIFFERENT STYLES OF DANCE – experience the many different forms of dance e.g. Street Dance, Salsa, Cheerleading, Body Locking and Jazz.
DANCE ROUTINES – create, perform and develop dance routines to music

Chance 2 Dance

Questionnaires in High and Junior schools identified a lack of provision for 9-14 year old girls within a specific area. CUP initiated a dance and drama session called ‘chance2dance’ to be delivered on a trial period of 6-weeks on Monday evenings. It provided the opportunity for girls to experience different styles of dance, drama and singing.

Over 30 girls aged 8-14 years attended the initial sessions and performed an adaptation of High School Musical to friends, family and local residents.

This project allows girls who share an interest in exploring, creating, and learning about dance, drama and music to experience and develop their skills in an enjoyable environment.

Due to the success of the project, the sessions have continued and a second group has since been established in another community.


CUP provides a programme of workshops which give young people an insight into what it means to be a DJ and to work within the DJ industry, whether it is learning marketing and promotion skills or technical skills. Djing helps young people express themselves and get really creative; it can also offer real and exciting employment opportunities.

The Rhythm and Rhyme Djing project includes:

1. UNDERSTANDING THE DJ INDUSTRY - develop an understanding of the history of Djing and different styles of dance music.
2. DEMONSTRATE SKILLS IN DJ PERFORMANCE - develop skills to enable the structuring and production of a demo set – with a pro Dj to support you.
3. PREPARING FOR EMPLOYMENT - build a personal portfolio, develop networking skills and understand marketing- meet with industry specialists.
4. PUTTING IT ALL INTO PRACTICE - work in a team to promote and deliver an event – fully supported by CUP staff.

Interested in any of our projects? Feel free to contact us to find out more.