Partners of Communities United Project

CUP recognises that social & economic regeneration at the community level is wider than those issues tackled by CUP, establishing working partnerships with statutory and voluntary agencies is actively pursued. Below is a list of some of our partners who support us in various ways by providing funding, facilities, advice and training:


“I have worked with CUP for many years now on many projects including REAP for adults, holiday activities in a variety of sports, dance, and crafts for children. They are willing to try out new ideas in partnership with others that respond to the identified needs. They have also been a key member of RADYCAL (Rawthorpe and Dalton , Youth and Children , Activities and Leisure); this is a piece of work that has been effective in delivering over 2500 places to loacl children and young people in the area in a coordinated and coherant way through fundraising and delivering together. Long may this positive working relationship continue! Their support, pleasantness and help has been greatly appreciated.”

Bridget Crabtree
Rawthorpe High School

“The work carried out by CUP with children and young people in our neighbourhoods is highly valued by our staff, tenant representatives and partners. So much so that in 2006 our Board agreed to set up and fund a 3 year partnership agreement for CUP to deliver programmes of diversionary activities across all 4 of our Neighbourhood Management Areas. One of the best things about CUP's approach is the way that they always ensure they make contact with local tenants and residents associations in the areas where they are working and keep them informed about progress. We have seen that CUP can make a difference on our estates. By giving young people the opportunity to get involved in sports and other activities we are now beginning to see a reduction in incidents of criminal damage , vandalism & graffiti.”

Steve Wilkinson - Principal Manager, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing

“From the police perspective, the work of Communities United Project is invaluablein diverting youths away from crime, disorder, drugs and anti-social behaviour. Whilst engaged in meaningful activities a good community spirit is engendered and in that respect crime and anti-social behaviour levels have been reduced where Communities United Projects have taken place.”

Inspector Mark Broadhead
Community Safety Dept. West Yorkshire Police

“I am particularly pleased that the work Communities United Project does helps build cohesion and integration between different communities.”

Cllr Khizar Iqbal
Cabinet member for Safer Communities and Community Cohesion

“CUP represents exactly what regeneration should be about! Lesley and Paul work with real communities encouraging them to believe in their own abilities. CUP is about more than football, it’s about strengthening relationships in communities and people who already know what the needs of their area are. They don’t need a ‘professional’ to come in and tell them what to do, but support in how to do it”

Portia Popham Roberts
Regeneration Manager, Huddersfield Pride

“I have seen at first hand some of the work you have done and certainly feel CUP has made a real impact on the estate, particularly in engaging those young people who are not involved in any structured activity outside of school, some whom are in danger of drifting into criminal activity. Also, the support and resources given to local residents in order to enable them to provide access to activities to local young people, has helped to build better relationships within the community.”

Cora Carter MBE
National Federation of Tenants and Residents Association

“The project has gone a long way to empowering some of the adults in the community to lead the project, as well as improving the relationships between adults and young people. The involvement of other agencies like housing, community development and the police has also had a beneficial effect in the wider community.”

Mrs J Hannon
Headteacher at Cowlersley Junior Infant School